If you have cleared employees or will have them, managing JPAS and EQIP appropriately will be a necessity. This requirement necessitates that you understand these tools and that your people be properly managed within them. For the small company this may mean a few rounds of administrative actions each year. The mid to large company may have constant interaction while dealing with hundreds of people.

Managing JPAS frequently becomes about managing information. It is here that we can be of great assistance to your organization. While providing a range of services from consulting, to training, to full JPAS Management we can help you fulfill your requirements. Whether its onsite consulting, or remote management we will work with you to provide what your company needs. In doing so we will treat your employee information like the gold that it is. Macrotec Security is a promoter of secure transmissions and data encryption. In providing you our service we will also provide methods of securely interacting with our company. Through this we believe you and your company will have peace of mind that your data is protected.

Douglas Boemker
President/Lead Consultant