The rewards are high and so are the risks. This much is true when dealing with federal contracts. If your contract requires you to implement a security program to protect your customer’s data, you know the challenges that lay ahead. Hiring knowledgeable staff, acquiring clearances for your people, and providing the needed training are just a few of the obstacles that must be met to satisfy your audits.

For most, this world remains very foreign unless you have worked in this kind of industry before. You need to make the right decisions the first time in order to achieve the success of your security program and ultimately your contract. If this is the case, you need to find specialists who will partner with you to make your company’s goals happen. This is where Macrotec Security Corp can come in.

We specialize in finding solutions and providing you with the knowledge and direction that you will need to be successful. Getting your people cleared, trained while keeping your program organized and effective is what we specialize in. With times like these it maybe that you are considering hiring specialists directly, and that maybe what you need. Though most companies will find that these tasks don’t require 40 hours a week for an indefinite period of time. What they do require is specialty. That’s why our company may be your best option. We can provide the on demand specialty that you need without overloading your company with overhead. Since we understand the concept of value, we know that our clients want concise service that is effective and efficient. This kind of solution will allow you to focus on the areas of your business that is critical to your plan of execution. We take pride in knowing that we are defending your company’s and our Nation’s information. Together we will achieve success!

Douglas Boemker
President/Lead Consultant