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A solution from Macrotec Security is about providing your company with max value and complete service options.

Personnel Security is the center of any security program. Macrotec can manage the critical functions of your Personnel Security program. This includes managing the administration of submitting for new security clearances, managing the active clearances of the employees you already have, and delivering the NISPOM required training to your people. Our fee structure involves flat and predictable fees that are only charged based on the activity of your company. We stay affordable while maintaining the ability to grow with your company.

Below is an example of our pricing schedule for PERSEC solutions:

Personnel JPAS Maintenance Fee New Clearance Submission Fee  
$100/employee (annual) $200/employee (one time fee)  

Maintenance fees are calculated at the beginning of term of service for those employee that already possess clearances . A reduction of staff during midyear will be calculated into the price of the following year.

With this pricing schedule you will only be charged annually for maintenance and extra fees are only incurred by increased activity. The flat fee rates means that you won’t be charged extra for any occurrence that involves longer than average resolution or additional services. Your employees are entitled to unlimited calls to our help line and we will problem solve any issue involved in clearing or managing your employees.

Our new facility clearance services include the following:

Creation and submission of Sponsorship Letter
Organizing pertinent company data
Completing and filling out required forms

Our Maintenance fees include the following services:

Administration of JPAS activity to include:
Managing your personnel in the PSM net
Monitoring your notifications
Submission of RRUs
Updating and validating clearance levels
Notifying subject of impending need for Reinvestigations
Submission of incidents
Annual Refresher Briefing

New Clearance Submission Service includes the following:

Notifying personnel of their EQIP requirements
Managing their submission of EQIP
Answering employee questions on the clearance process.
Prescreening interviews
Notifying employee of changes to their clearance eligibility
Submission of any follow up paperwork
Arranging DSS interviews
Signing and logging Non-Disclosure Statements
Administering an Initial Security Brief
Status Updates

Addition of new cleared employees will be provided with the following services:

Validating clearance eligibility
Updating personnel records and adding to PSM net
Administering an Initial Security Briefing/ refresher
Alerting employee of impending need for a reinvestigation
Validating access

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